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Characteristics of the government system imposed by the imperialist countries and presence or absence of democracy.

During the time of imperialism there were 4 types of government used in the colonies, the first one was:
-Colonial imperialism: This from is vital takeover of an area, with domination in all areas: economic, political, and socio-cultural. The subjugated area existed to benefit the imperialist power, and had almost no independence of action. In this era, almost all of Africa and southern and southeast Asia were colonized.

-Economic imperialism: This form of imperialism allowed the area to operate as its own nation, but the imperialist nation almost completely controlled its trade and other business. For example, it may impose regulations that forbid trade with other nations, or imperialist companies may own or have exclusive rights to its natural resources. During this era, China and most of Latin America were subjected to economic imperialism. 

-Political imperialism:  Although a country may have had its own government with natives in top political positions, it operated as the imperialist country told it to. The government was sometimes a relatively permanent "puppet government," as happened in late Qing China, and other times the control was temporary, as occurred in the Dominican Republic when the United States ran its government until it got out of debt.

-Socio-cultural imperialism: The dominating country deliberately tried to change customs, religions and languages in some of the countries. A good example was British India, where English was taught in schools, Indian soldiers dressed British-style, and western trading rules were set up. Generally, the imperialist countries assumed their cultures to be superior, and often times they saw themselves as bringing about improvements in the society.  (, 2015)

The relation of the subject with the democracy is not very clear because in all the forms of systems that the empires had, they controlled mostly all the tarde and also the government but not in a very direct way, the moves that the empire did were focused on getting more money and natural resources, but at the end the colonies  up rise in arms so they could be their own countries, so that means that it led to democracy in a way. 

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